We love to travel smart. (It’s the reason we started this site.) However, there is some travel gear that is totally worth the investment. Take a peek at our favourite gadgets below:

  1. GoPro: One of the best investments I made was buying a GoPro. You can take this camera anywhere, and the quality of your photos are amazing. (Plus, it’s pretty indestructible.)


  1. iPad Mini: I don’t like to travel with my computer. (It takes up too much space.) So I bought an iPad Mini with a mini keyboard instead. This literally saved my life. I used it to book my accommodations and excursions, do research, connect with my friends and family back home.ipadmini2


  1. Quick Dry Towel: These babies come in handy when you live life on the road. They dry quickly (hence the name), are easy to wash, and don’t smell. Buy at least two. One for the shower. One of the beach.


  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones: Over night bus, hostel dorm rooms, crying babies on your flight, just snap on a pair of these.  Problem solved.


  1. Hiking Boots: True story, I trekked to see the mountain gorillas in Uganda in a pair of tennis shoes. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done. I had no grip, and I was falling and sliding everywhere. If you plan on hiking, buy the proper footware.


  1. Waterproof case for phone: My friend dropped 90 bucks on a waterproof phone case. I thought she was nuts. But it was the smartest thing she did. Not only did she take some wicked photos underwater (poor man’s GoPro), she also didn’t suffer from a broken phone. (Insert sad face emoticon here.)

teal-iphone-5c-waterproof-case (1)

  1. External Battery Charger: If you have a long bus trip ahead of you, there’s nothing worse than seeing your battery go from green to red. (Panic mode starting now.) The solution? Buy yourself an external battery charger.

310+LZ-SK9L._SY300_ (1)

  1. Universal Adapter: Buy.One.Now. You’ll need it. You’ll love. And it will save you the headaches.

Universal-World-wide-Travel-Charger-Adapter-Plug-Pack-of-5-907f6358-460c-4294-81d0-17acbe8f560c_600 (1)

  1. Mini Speakers: Music brings people together. Especially at a hostel where you’re pounding a few drinks with your new friends. My bud brought some mini speakers, and it literally changed our lives. We always brought the good times, whether it was the beach, patio, or boat!

Wireless-Speakers-X-Mini1 (2)

  1. Wash Bag: One of the things you have to deal with when living out of a backpack is smelly and dirty clothes. Plus, doing your laundry can be expensive. Then I saw Scrubba posted on my Facebook feed. It is a portable wash bag that allows you to clean your clothes on the go. It’s easy to use. It’s portable. What’s not to love?

81EskO93h+L._SX425_ (1)

So here you have it: our list of travel gear. If you’re looking to sell or find gear, make sure you take advantage of our Travel Gear Swap. Also, if you think we missed anything, let us know and we’ll add it.


Happy Travels!

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