If you haven’t already heard, SocialTravellers is heading to Newfoundland this summer, and one of the places we plan on visiting is Fogo. This remote island is so off the beaten path it has its own time zone. (For real, we aren’t making this stuff up.) If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure then we suggest you continue reading. 

Fogo? Never heard of it…

It wasn’t until the Canadian dollar dropped that I decided I would explore my own backyard. One place that’s been on my radar is Newfoundland. Those television commercials really do pull you in. (Am I right?!) As I started researching this province, I realized how many amazing places there are, especially Fogo. This remote Island has roughly 2,500 residents and boasts a unique climate (thanks to its location). In fact, they say it’s the only place in the world that has seven seasons:

WINTER – DECEMBER/FEBRUARY: The climate may be harsh but the fun doesn’t stop. Snowmobiling and sledding are just some of the things you can do.

ICE – MARCH: Packed ice begins to move to the shores. Pack your camera and take photos of your new neighbours: seals and seabirds. 


SPRING – APRIL/MAY: The perfect time to see icebergs and whales, Fogo begins to wake from its winter slumber.

TRAP BERTH SEASON – JUNE: Can’t call it spring. And we can’t call it summer. This inbetween season brings long days and warmer nights.

Summer – JULY/AUGUST:  The warmer current also brings with it a warmer breeze. It’s the perfect season to hike and bike.

BERRY SEASON – SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER : A favourite time on the island, Fogo is littered with over a dozen different edible berries.


LATE FALL – NOVEMBER : This change of season brings cool/crisp air. The island starts to slow down and prepare for hibernation season.

What to do:

Experience world-class nature: This island is home to some of the most stunning views, landscapes, and wildlife. Strap on your hiking boots and explore hidden corners of the island. And depending when you go, you’re sure to spot plenty whales migrating off the coast, and caribous on Fogo’s grassy hills.


Get inspired: Fogo has a thriving artist community, thanks to its prestigious contemporary art residency. This island attracts painters, musicians, and artists from around the world. Resident artist have the opportunity to work and live in one of the island’s four studios. If you’d like to see these studios (which are absolutely breathtaking), we suggest taking a guided tour.

Gonna make you sweat: This place is begging you to explore the good old outdoors. Hiking and biking will keep you busy, that’s for sure. There are plenty of boat tours that will have you spotting whales and capturing that perfect coastline shot for your insta followers. But honestly, just experiencing something so naturally beautiful and untouched will leave you speechless. Promise.

Eat like a king: Fogo has one of the best restaurant’s in Canada. Located inside the beautiful Fogo Island Inn, the very talented Chef Murray cooks up culinary miracles on a daily basis. Local seafood, produce, and wild game are just some of the things you’ll find on the menu.

Instagram worthy: I’m going to paint a picture for you: colourful jelly bean houses, sun bleached fishing boats, grassy hills dotted with wildlife, ocean waves crashing against the shores with icebergs in the distance. Yup. Your Instagram will be blowing up with scenery like this. #nofilter #yoloinfogo


Where to stay

Fogo Island Inn: Many people come here for the chance to stay in this architectural masterpiece. With a perfect view of iceberg alley, all 29 rooms have floor to ceiling windows. Staying the night will set you back a pretty penny, but if you get a friend (or SocialTraveller) to join, you can split the cost and share the memories.

The Island also has plenty of quaint Airbnb properties and Bed & Breakfasts too.

Getting there

Getting to Fogo Island is a little bit of a journey. Google Maps says it’s a 36 hour drive from Toronto. (I wonder if that includes bathroom breaks?) But the most popular way is to drive the Trans Canada Highway to Gander. Follow the ferry signs until you hit Farewell. Thebn hop on the boat and head on over to Fogo.

Join the adventure

Feel like experiencing this island for yourself? Then come along with us!  We’re going this summer, and we promise that it’s going to be epic. The more the merrier.

Happy travels!

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