What is SocialTravellers?

They say travelling is better in numbers, and we couldn’t agree more. Not only is it cheaper, it’s also safer. When you join SocialTravellers, you’ll connect with other like-minded people who are also up for adventure. Book together and save by posting or joining a getaway so you can stretch your travel buck, and make new travel buddies.

Is SocialTravellers free?

Hell yeah! Save those pesos for that bar in Mexico.

When you sign up for SocialTravellers you can  post up to five getaways a month. But if you’re a traveller who’s always on the move, you’ll want our Frequent Traveller account. If you offer a travel service like an Airbnb property, sign up for the Travel Guru package.

Upgrade me! 

What kind of getaway can I post?

That’s up to you!  Here’s some of our fave getaways:

  • Ride share to the airport
  • Fitness holiday
  • Unloading that train ticket you can no longer use
  • Posting your old travel gear that you’re looking to sell
  • Finding a new pal to join your backpacking trip

How do I post a getaway?

It’s easy! Sign up for an account and click on “Post a getaway.”

 Remember to keep it appropriate (PG 13, friends), as all getaways are approved by the SocialTravellers team.

Why do you need to approve my getaway?

Catfish are fun to eat, but not fun to meet. We do our best to make sure that all created getaways are authentic and appropriate. No spam here!

How long does it take to approve my getaway?

We’re quick! Approvals take around ten minutes to an hour.

How do you split costs?

Before you book and exchange money, we suggest either meeting up offline or online via Skype! Also, take advantage of online tools like Payso and PayPal to split costs. It’s always best to settle the bill before you leave.

 Can I cancel a getaway?

We get that travel plans change. If you want to delete or edit your getaway, simply log in to your account to access your dashboard. Then press “Edit getaway.” And remember to let your travel crew know your change of plans.

How do I find a getaway?

Know where you’re headed? Perfect. Take advantage of the posted getaways by using the search tool on the homepage. You can filter your results by region and type of getaway or by increasing and decreasing your search radius.

How do I join a getaway?

Leave a comment on the getaway post, and the Social Traveller responsible for posting that getaway will get back to you.

If my getaway doesn’t go according to plan, is SocialTravellers responsible?

Unfortunately, no. We suggest reading our Terms and Conditions before you post or join a getaway. We also recommend getting valid travel insurance.