Travel is the one thing that makes you richer, SocialTravellers makes it cheaper.

True story: travelling is expensive. And travelling alone costs a lot of dolla dolla bills. That’s why we developed SocialTravellers: an online community made up of like-minded adventurers who are looking to stretch their travel budgets.

Here’s how it works: Post or join a getaway, book together, split travel costs, and share the good times. It’s seriously that easy.

One social moment

Who knew that my  backpacking trip through South East Asia would spark SocialTravellers. It all began when I landed in Hanoi (Vietnam). A friendly backpacker approached me at the airport and asked me where I was staying. I told him about the hostel and tagged along! So we split a cab and swapped some stories. Two weeks later we were travelling the country together, and sharing the travel costs along the way. At the end of my month-long journey, I met a lifelong friend and stretched my travel budget.

That one moment sparked a thought: The road less travelled can be a little less lonely and a hell of a lot cheaper.

Kemar Lawrence: Founder of SocialTravellers

Hey, friend! I’m Cate. 

And yes. The rumors are true, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. It happened when I was living in Sweden and discovered the magic of Ryanair (€10.99 flights to Ireland? Yes please!) I quickly realized that I had a knack for travelling (especially on the cheap.)

Years of backpacking turned me into one of those travellers who doesn’t believe in checked baggage. (Travel light, and you’ll go far.) I try to explore a new place every year, and while I’ve checked many things off my bucket list, I still have plenty of dreams like: snorkelling in the Maldives, seeing the Great Pyramids, and staying on Beyoncé’s yacht.

 Hey, I’m Kemar!

kemarI’m a Jamaican-born transplant living in the heart of Toronto. I’ve got a competitive edge and love team sports. (I’ve actually played Dodgeball in Vegas and Hong Kong.) I heart snowboarding and crave the thrill of the slopes. But my favourite thing in life is travelling. There’s nothing like connecting with a new culture and making new friends halfway across the globe. My dream is to befriend Sir Richard Branson, so I can get on his spaceship and be the first brother on Mars. (LOL.)

My professional experience is within the highly competitive advertising and marketing world, going on nine years. Being defined as a “creative” I’ve had the pleasure of being a successful Art Director/ Designer at  some of Toronto’s top Advertising agencies. I worked on clients like: WestJet, Mazda, Air Canada, Walmart and Tim Horton’s.